Diane Nunn, Administrator

St Thomas's Church of England Aided Primary School

Teachers2Parents provides a quick and easy way to communicate with our parents and carers. Being linked into the SIMS database makes it really easy to update details and if you do have any problems, the helpdesk is always on hand to help.

Lorraine Browning, Office Manager

Emmer Green Pre-School, Reading

The text service has been reliable, easy to maintain and a convenient way of passing information on to our parents and staff. We would recommend the service to any school or nursery.

Jenny Titford, Office Manager and PA to Head teacher

West Leigh Junior School

We used the system for the first time in March. The demonstration was very helpful and the staff at T2P were always there to hold my hand. A few parents were nervous to use the technology but we were able to simply book them in manually, streamlining the process. The print out for each teacher was well received especially having a comments section. Forewarned was forearmed. Our estranged parents were thrilled to have communication rather than relying on their ex partners. Our parent council spoke to all the parents and gathered feedback which was very positive we will continue to use the service.

Becky Tibbles, School Administrator

Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School

We are extremely happy with the parents evening online booking system and have found that since using it we have higher uptake of parents attending. Parents are very happy to book in this way. 

Mrs C M Ellis, School Business Manager

Horsforth Newlaithes Primary School

We got positive feedback from parents and I felt that it eased the paper work required by the school office. We are very happy with how it has worked.

Angela MacLeod

St Joseph's Anderton Primary School

The system is extremely easy and streamlined to meet the needs of the school and parents. There is no longer a need for staff to meet to try and group family appointments together. The system puts the parents fully in control of the appointments which they very much appreciate. The uptake from parents was such that in the first 20 minutes of 'going live' over 30% of our parents had booked online with the overall attendance/booking being 88% - all with little to no input from the school. Parents also have the opportunity to ask questions online ahead of parents evening allowing staff time to prepare a response or gather evidence to support any discussions which may occur.

Martin Armitage, Head Teacher

Gunthorpe CofE Primary School

We are very pleased with the system it worked very effectively from our point of view. There were very few issues from a parental point of view and parents booked very promptly which is a change from the paper system. It was particularly good for staff as they had no sorting of slips or conferring with other teachers. I am sure we will continue to use the system for a long time. 

Carol Baizon, Office Manager

Brookvale Primary School

We absolutely love the Parents Evening service. It has saved us such a lot of time in the office as we no longer have to manually run an appointments system and try to juggle time to make sure siblings have appointments that are close to each other. We have sent out the invite to parents and the events have booked within minutes. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It only takes a few minutes to set up and there is no risk of lost letters or appointments slips. Our parents have embraced the system and find it easy to use. We also use the split parent's element which is very helpful. The schedules are easy to view and print out for teachers. The percentage booked counter at the top is very useful and being able to enter the attendance after the event means we can provide the Head Teacher with the data of those rebooked against those attended. 


St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

The system worked really well this autumn term. Only the second time we have used it, but really good, lots of good feedback from parents and staff. Really easy to set up and use. Thanks to the team for always being there to help. 

Alexandra Simpson, School Administrator

Denholme Primary School

We found the whole process easy. Parents were delighted because it gave them control over the times of their appointments and teachers were happy because they didn't have to spend any time arranging the appointments. Everyone I have spoken with at Teachers2Parents have been extremely helpful and patient and I would have no hesitation in recommending both your company and the Parents Evening Booking System to other schools. 

Mrs J Hawkins

Crossley Street Primary School

The system is so helpful. It was a simple job of going through the timing and marking the sheet manually for the teacher if there happened to be a blank 10-minute slot in between appointments. The system is brilliant. 


West Felton CofE Primary School

The teachers love using the system. It's simple to use and saved us a lot of time.