Getting Started

Do I need to install software or equipment in my school?

No, the system is web based, so all you need is a computer, tablet or mobile device with internet access. This means you can also use Teachers2Parents at home or on the go!


How do we get started?

Simply contact us to set up your free trial. We will arrange a time that is convenient for you, so you can get trained and using the system in no time!


We are not a school; can we still use the service?

Yes, contact us and we can discuss your requirements.


Using the System

Can you send group messages?

Yes. As well as sending messages to individually selected contacts, you can send messages to the whole school, Year groups and Form groups or you can make up your own groups of contacts for your after-school clubs, school trips etc.


How do I know if a message has been received?

Simply open the Delivery Report to see if the message is ‘Delivered’, ‘In transit’ or 'Failed'.


Can parents reply to the messages we send out?

Yes, they can. This feature can be enabled at no extra cost.


If a parent has siblings at the school will they get repeated messages for each sibling?

No, the system automatically takes out the duplicate numbers when you send to a group so the parent will only receive each text once.


Can you send messages to both parents of a student?

Yes, the system can import up to two numbers per student.


Can each of our staff have their own log in?

Yes, you can create a log in for as many staff as required at no extra cost. Different levels of access can be set for each of these and we do not limit the number of users logged in at the same time.


What Management Information Systems are you compatible with?

We integrate with Sims, Integris and our own MIS, SchoolPod. From these we can import pupil information automatically or on demand. MIS products such as Scholarpack, Pupil Asset, Teacher Centre and Progresso have reports specifically designed to import directly into Teachers2Parents and we can import data from any other MIS that has the option to export pupil reports.


Pricing and Plans

Do you charge a setup fee for training or support?  

No, all of these are free of charge!


What is the minimum contract length?

The shortest contract we offer is 1 year however we can fix your price for a 3-year plan, call 0207 237 8456 to discuss your options.


What type of contact plans do you offer?

We can offer Pay as you go or an Unlimited plan. We offer a free trial to help you to work out which of these options is the most cost effective solution for your school. Contact us on 0207 237 8456 to arrange this.



What about data protection?

We are registered with the data protection act as required in the Data Protection Act 1998. The registration number is ZA189535.


How secure will my data be?

Your data is stored and transmitted over the internet using 2048-bit encryption. The encryption level used is TLS1.2 with SHA256 with RSA 2048-bit exchange.


Who will have access to the data?

Only you will have access to your data using your own username and password. We may need to access your data for the purpose of providing support with permission. Your data is not sold or shared with any other organisation.